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The goal of a DEF CON village is to provide as much interactive and hands-on opportunities that we can. As such, we’ve made the choice to limit presentations and panels to invite-only. 

If you’d like to speak at DEF CON, we recommend submitting your talk via the CFP process.

Our 2024 Presentations

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Chief People Hacker at IBM


President at Snowfensive

The 2024 #SECVC Debrief

Join the Founders of the Social Engineering Community as they break down this year’s Vishing Competition (#SECVC). They’ll talk about how the competition is organized, and some of the big takeaways, trends, and surprises (both good and bad) from the OSINT and Vishing Plan reports. They’ll also recount some of the highlights from this year’s live calls.

About Snow: Over a decade ago, in a hotel not far away from this very location in Vegas, Snow began her career in Social Engineering. At the very beginning of her journey multiple people told her she couldn’t make a career as a dedicated Social Engineer. Through late nights of studying, practice, determination, learning from her mentor, and a lot of spite, she has made a successful career as a Social Engineer. Today, she is the Chief People Hacker for IBM Security’s X-Force Red team, where she leads the global Social Engineering practice. 

About JC: JC is one of the two co-founders of the Social Engineering Community and has competed in previous Social Engineering competitions. JC also runs the Vault, a physical security competition held at SAINTCON in Utah. JC’s passion for competition as well as innovation has been an exciting avenue for him as he and Snow built the new Social Engineering Community’s Vishing Competition.