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Aug 10-13, 2023

Our Mission

The Social Engineering Community is formed by a group of individuals who have a passion to enable people of all ages and backgrounds interested in Social Engineering with a venue to learn, discuss, and practice the craft.

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A DEF CON Village

While DEF CON itself is a conference, its is also comprised of multiple villages including the Social Engineering Community.

Villages are dedicated spaces arranged around a specific topic. Villages may be considered mini conferences within the con, with many holding their own independent talks as well as hands-on activities such as CTFs, or labs.

August 10-13, 2023


Village Events

In this spectator event, teams take part in a live Social Engineering competition, where they test their vishing skills in front of our audience.

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Join us for a variety of panels and presentations, featuring experts sharing their wealth of knowledge with the community.

Attendees have a chance to experience the thrill of vishing, without pressure of a competition.

We bring an exciting opportunity to engage kids with cybersecurity, OSINT, and Social Engineering through various challenges.

Unlock job opportunities with our career board – the ultimate resource for hiring and seeking roles.

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Our village is in the Social A conference space inside The LINQ hotel.

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