Youth Challenge

Calling all heroes and villains to put your skills to the test by competing in the ultimate battle.

In a world filled with heroes and villains, there is a constant fight between good and evil! If you are between the ages of 10 – 17, come experience your own adventure as a hero or villain by joining the Youth Event in the Social Engineering Community which takes place at DEF CON 2022. 

You will use your super skills and powers to work with a team of heroes or villains. The balance of good and evil will be determined by individual participants completing various challenges in this ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style event. By participating in this event, you will have opportunities to interact and learn from many other amazing villages at DEF CON, as well as improve your Social Engineering abilities. If successful, you may even have the chance to help your team prevail, and become the ultimate Superhero or Supervillain!

Note to Parents/Guardians: This event will require you to help your child access various villages of DEF CON to complete challenges. You are required to supervise your children at all times in accordance with DEF CON and the Hotel’s minor policies. The SEC is not responsible for monitoring or otherwise caring for your child and assumes no liability.

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While we plan to accept walkups, we only have material for 90 kids. Priority is given to those who have signed up on the website. If you sign up you have a better chance of locking in your spot!